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Sprout Lands UI Pack

Create a Cute pastel farm With plants, pets, and friends ^^


[Still an early version and many more assets are in the making]

This is a simple cute 16-bit pixel art farming GUI asset pack with Icons, Buttons, Character Expresions, and many other tiles in pastel colors.

There are two different packs :

> Basic Pack : 

Includes a collection of useful UI Sprites for making a game.


> Premium Pack : 

Includes Everything from the free basic pack plus much more ( Early version available )

[Premium Pack might contain more sprites than shown in this image]


Character Dialog Expressions

The pack includes a range of different emote sprites of the cat Teemo, but they are grateful for any name you choose to give them in your game ^^. 

these are the emotes the pack includes so far, but I am planning to add more in the future and I might do other characters at some point too  :D


Here is the sprite sheets included in the premium pack and free basic pack :



> Premium version license (paying at least $3.99):

This asset pack can be used in any commercial or non-commercial project, you may modify the assets as you wish.  

This asset pack can't be resold or redistributed even if modified. 

And credit to the artist is greatly appreciated ^^

> Free version license

This asset pack can be used in any non-commercial project, you may modify the asset as you wish. 

This asset pack can't be used in any commercial project, resold/redistributed, even if modified. And credit to the artist is greatly appreciated ^^

> Please Credit : Cup Nooble and optionally also use (this link)


Future Updates  :

more info will come in the dev vlogs.

> Next Update [1] : Sprites for controls - keyboard and mouse

>Update [2] : Emote bubbles/ Speech indicators

Update  [ 3 ] :  Sprites for controls - Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation

> Next Update [ 5 ] : sprites for making maps

> Update [ 6 ] : More Teemo Expressions

> Other - Let me know in the comments what you guys think would be useful UI sprites and they might get included in future updates :D


Other packs : 

Check out my other asset packs for more pixel art game sprites ^^.


Social media :

I will be making dev logs about future updates here on itch or Follow @Sprout_Lands on Twitter

Link to sprout lands twitter

or check out Cup Nooble's other social media :

Link tree : cupnooble.carrd

 Link to Cup Nooble instergram    Link to Cup Nooble twitter

Updated 4 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorCup Nooble


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Sprout Lands - UI Pack - Basic pack.zip 62 kB
Sprout Lands - UI Pack - Premium pack.zip 629 kB
if you pay $3.99 USD or more


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I just purchased this amazing pack. Thank you so much! I can't seem to find the different Xs and check marks. Can you tell me which folder they are in? (If the picture attaches correctly... these items? :) Thanks

Hi Tixxi ^^/ 

It is not all of the sprites that I have individually cutten out separately from the pack, or at least I have not done it yet.
I do want to cut them all out it is just a really long process so I'm cutting them all in one go, I hope you understand.
But the check marks and Xs are now cutten out separately and uploaded to the premium pack :D

to find them go through this path :

Let me know if there are any specific sprites that would be nice to be cutten out next ^^

Oh! Thank you so much. You could have just said, "Cut them out of the big picture, silly!" lol But, thank you for doing that. You are awesome!!

(1 edit)

Awesome work. I did purchase the pack because I really like the action bar effect and buttons. I gonna include that in my project which has already an action bar but those buttons and animation fit perfectly with my design.

HI Liolyne :D !! Thank you so much, I am happy to hear you like the action bar and buttons created ^^ 
I wish you the best of luck with your project!

Nice! I just bought the premium pack, very nice asset pack. Look forward to future updates.

Thank you Tofucc ^^ I am also excited to complete more updates :D ! 

If I buy this do I need to repay if I want the updates?

Nope, you pay once and get all future updates for free ^^ 

Does this apply for the other sprout lands pack?


Great stuff as always! I made a game with your assets, check it out if you're interested!


Wooooow ! that is Really Awesome Goowawa  !!! 

I just played it and its a really cool concept with a neet gameplay loop, I like how you made it so the player also can see the orders for the next day so they can do some strategizing and make the amount for both those days and focus on other colors the next day to optimize the moo juice selling and the mooney making :D ! 

[ Hope that made sense ^^' ]

I usually showcase the games people make with my game assets on my main itch page as a way to support creators like you, of course I will only do it if you want me to. I can also make a shout-out for your game on sprout Lands Twitter page :>

I showcase them by adding them to a folder called Games made by cool game devs with Sprout Lands asset pack.

Thanks so much! And yes, a shout-out would be greatly appreciated :)


Nice I made a shout-out over on the Sprout Lands Twitter :D !

Love it! I'm going to use this pack for my first game. And I purchased all the premium packs.

(1 edit)

Thank you PingX !!!
It makes me happy to hear you enjoy my assets packs :D !

Good luck on your game dev journey ^^ I hope you will have a good time developing your first game !

As always just top notch quality! Another great pack!

Eyyyy, Thank you so much Avecta :D !

Really nice pack! I purchased the premium pack, to use this images in my next game. Thanks!

Thanks Alberto Molero ^^ 
Hope you have a good time developing your game :D !

Hi Cup Nooble, I've just purchased the premium pack, but can't see the emotes. Could you point me to the filename please? The pack looks great!

Yes of course ^^
Oh whoopsie I just noticed I had made two folders named Dialogue UI and one of those folders did not contain the emotes sorry > <
I Just reuploaded fixed versions :D 

So the path to the emotes is now :
UI Sprites -> Dialogue UI -> Emotes 

Thanks Cup Nooble, you are a star :)

I've bought your pack a month ago. Now I'd like to download UI-premium. Do I need to purchase it again?

Hi Lampogolovii ^^/

I assume you mean you bought the main Sprout Lands Asset pack since I uploaded this UI one yesterday. 

In that case, no the UI pack is a separate extension pack to the main Sprout Lands pack and is not included with the main pack. Therefore yes you will need to buy it separately. 

I would love to give all my pixel art assets away for free, but I also really want to build up a living where I can sustain myself in creating art and game material. hope you understand ^^

Let me know if I miss understood your question, I would love to help :>

Oh, that's the separate asset pack! I've missed that, sorry. Just bought UI-pack too! Love your style.

NO problemo :>

Simply the best, good job my friend 💚

Eyyyy Thanks !
Zefrost you're the best my friend :D !

Awesome, the perfect complement needed to make a full game using your Sprout Lands assets. Keep up the great work!


Thank you so much GinderBread :D !
I will do my best to keep up the work ^^

Routinely perfect assets

Eyo thanks Carter ^^ !
I don't know if it is perfect yet, I have many ideas on how I can improve this pack over time as I work on it :D

So cute!

You're the best! You know that?

Thank you so Much Lacookiefreak :D !! 
I really try my best, so your comment just made my day 10 times better ^^

and you know what, you're the best!

Awww >//< I'm glad to hear that!

Thank yeww~ Looking forward to your future works! You're gonna nail it!

Excellent work, insta-bought it

Thanks, Carbone ^^! 
Hope the UI sprites can be of use, let me know if you come across any problems with the pack or if there is anything you think would be great additions in future updates :D