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Awesome! I hope to publish my game around the end of March, and it use this pack!

NIce  ^^! Cant wait to see your game :DDD !!!
let me know when it is up.

can i use these for a game on scratch?

Yes, go ahead ^^ ! 

you can use it where ever you want as long as you credit me for the sprites.

and good luck with your game :D
if you don't mind you can also show it to me when it is done I would love to see it ^^ but of course, you don't have to.

Yes, go ahead ^^ ! 

you can use it where ever you want as long as you credit me for the sprites.

and good luck with your game :D
if you don't mind you can also show it to me when it is done I would love to see it ^^ but of course, you don't have to.

I need chicken and fish. 😆 Everything is really cute.

aww thanks, Phatvphat ^^ ! 

I have been a bit busy with some freelance work lately, but I am working on the chicken update right now, and I can't wait to share them with you and everyone else :D 

Hello, can you please name all plants in farming plants sprite? Building the database so I am a bit confused on some. Maybe a good idea would be to put names in descriptions 😌. Thanks!

good idea I should probably have that in the description ^^. 

but for now, here is a list of the current farming plants :

- corn

- carrot

- cuoliflower

- tomato

- eggplant

- blue tulip

- letus 

- wheat 

- parsnip 

-  red flower 

- beet

- some special blue star fruit ??? :o

- and cucumber 

let me know if there are any more plants you need  ^^

Thanks! I think I have enough for now   🤗


Used the pack for a game I made within 24 hours called Paw's Ranch <3
The Pack is awesome and super cute and I'm telling everyone where I got it, so I hope you get some sales out of it ;)

Awwwwww Thank you so much !!! I really appreciate it ^^ ! 

I just played your game and it is super nice and chill  :> 

I love how intuitive it is so it doesn't need any instructions and it's playable right away, ^^

thank you so much for showing me Paw's Pach ( cute name by the way ) it really made my day :D

you can also always let me know if there are any assets you think would be a good addition to the pack :D

also, is it okay if I give a shout-out to your game on the sprout lands Twitter :o ?

Someone used this asset pack in a cute little game jam game and I had to pick it up! It's so cute!

Holy moly! This is very cute! Now I have to follow!

Thanks 2 Bit Determine ^^ ! Is appreciated.

thanks for your asset,i want to make a game with it 。ovo

Thanks Gotisama ^W^ ! good luck with your game dev journey :D 

very cute,I have just purchased the premium pack

Thanks Ginoooo ^^ ! Your purchase is a big support to the evolution of the Sprout Lands project :D 

If there are any assets that would be useful let me know and I might add them in the future :>

I bought this 23 days ago on sale for $2.99 and just now getting around to downloading it and the paid version is still locked , only basic is available ...

Hi Wingewolf, you can send a message to this mail:, and I will mail the newest version to you ^^

Thank you :) just sent

Nice I just sent the asset pack as a reply to your message :D


Check if you have a download button right on top of the page !

I also bought it, and trying to download the pack via the bottom download section don't work, but the top section work

This is amazing! If I purchase the full version do I get access to all updates?

Yes, you will get access to all the current and future updates in this pack ^^ 

But it will not include future expansions like the Ui expansion, dungeon expansion, and ocean expansion, which are expansions I am currently working on that are going to be sold separately ^^

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Thank you so much, I have just purchased the premium pack and look forward to using it to create my new game :)

Nice thanks for supporting my pixel art journey and this asset pack project by purchasing ^^ 

Good luck with your game dev project :D !

Thanks for sharing,I like it!

No Problem it was super fun to make and I love the community here on itch so it is the least I can do ^^

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This asset pack is amazing and i think is too cheaper! Do you do comission work?

Thank you so much Creative Fox ^^ !

I'm not doing commission work right at this moment since I'm very busy with college work and the next updates for this asset pack, but I am planning to open up for commissions for a short while from 12 to 18 of February since I have a bit extra time those days :D 

Would you be interested in a commission from me?


Hi there! Thanks for the great pack, used it for the My First Game Jam: Winter 2022 and I can’t wait to get the premium version. Keep up the great work! Hope you like my lil game

Wooow :O I don't even know what to say > < yes I do like your game I really really like it. The music sets such a calming atmosphere and the name Sprout About is also really nice ^^

Thank you so much for showing me your epic game !!! 

I was thinking about making a collection of games made with the Sprout Lands asset pack and putting the collection on my main Itch page. Would you mind if I showcased your game there ?

Also I'm going to give your game a shout out on Twitter hope you don't mind :D

It would honestly be an honour!! I was scared I wouldn’t do your art justice. So this has really really made my day!! Thanks for the great feedback and for the Twitter post! :D


Nice :D !!! Just made the collection visible on my itch page ^^ 

Can't wait to see how your game will evolve over time. I watched your 2 dev vlog videos, and I'm looking forward to watching your future dev vlogs :D

I'm happy to hear I made your day ^^ seeing your game really made  my day too :D

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Umm so I had purchased the pack for 3 usd when the price was 2.99

now it seems that premium has gotten locked after the price went up?

Sorry, I did not mean for that to happen. I thought it would still be available for people who bought it at the original price. You can send me your mail or discord name to my Twitter, then I can send the pack to you ^^

if you don't have a Twitter you can send it to this mail :

(1 edit)

Thank you I will send you an email!


Nice I will go send it to you right away then :D


you should do seasons like winter and fall. really considering buying this. great work

OoooOooO :o yes I would love to make different seasons ^^ 

Thanks Ben! Thanks for the great idea :D !

I purchased the premium pack for 2.99, and now that the price has gone up, I can only download the basic pack? 

Oh, I'm so sorry I did not mean for that to happen. I thought it would still be available for people who bought it at the original price.
You can send me your mail or discord name to my Twitter, then I can send it to you ^^

if you don't have a Twitter you can send it to this mail :



(Sorry, I do not read Chinese so I will use google translate, so I hope my answer will make sense.)

要回答您的问题,是的,如果您购买高级版本并记得将其用于商业项目,请记住给我信用 :>。

(To answer your question, yes, you can use it for commercial projects if you buy the premium version and remember to credit me. :>)


very good pack. I can't find in the package the animations to make the fruits floating like shown in the asset page. can you help please?

Hi Dev-bre ^^ 
as for the tree animations I was not sure if those were easier to make in a game engine, but I will for sure include some animations for the fruit trees, where the fruit falls off in the next update.

Thanks for your comment :>


Ah this is super cute and I i'm using this to learn how to do stuff lol its very easy to use, keep up the good work :D

Thank you Catlance :D ! 

I'm happy to hear that my sprites are easy to use ^^ and good luck with learning some cool game dev stuff!

Farming Plants.png need to fix, moved out by 1 pixel up and canvas by height 239

Oh sorry about that, I will fix it right away ^^

Thanks for letting me know :D 

The Farming plant png is fixed now :D

(1 edit)

Chest.png canvas width 239 ;)

and what plants name is 6 and 11 in Farming Plants.png :)

Thanks again ^^ the chest png is now fixed :D

plant 6 is a blue tulip

and plant 11 is was just a red flower, but can maybe be a red Peony, a red Petunia, or a red Ranunculus :)


Like this asset, wait for new update :)

Nice work!

Can't wait to see what'll be in the next updates!

Thanks Longwelwind ^^ ! 

I can't wait to make them :> 

if there are any specific sprites you would like me to add in future updates please let me know :D


Is a bee update possible?


Yes definitely what an amazing idea!

I would love to make some cute pixel bees :D 

This is amazing! I just bought the premium pack. I want to make so many games with it.

Thank you PhoneForest :D !! 

I'm very glad you like my sprites. if you upload a game here on itch using my sprites please show me I would love to see it ^^

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OMG , I Love This Asset Pack ! It's A MASTERPIECE ~ 

Thank you so much MaipUwU !!! 

I'm very happy to hear you like my Asset pack ^^ All this positive feedback makes me very motivated to make the next updates really good :D

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What Engine Can I Use This Asset Pack ?

( EX : Can I Use This In Godot ? )

I REALLY Love Your Art btw :D

Hi there! I’m using it in Godot and it works great!

I am pretty sure you can use the sprites in Godot ^^ I have used some of them myself in Godot for some tests and I didn't have any issues. 

But let me know if you find something about my sprite packs that do not work in your chosen game engine, I would love to fix it so that my sprites work for as many game engines as possible :D

Thank You For Helping Me !

No Problem ! You can ask me any time and I will answer as quickly as possible :D

how can you draw this? It look beautiful

Thanks Green Bird !!!
And how can I draw this ? well its a bit of a process, I was not always this good but over time with practice, I slowly got better ^^ and hopefully I will keep improving :D

Thank you this looks cute.

No problem Bollehopp I really enjoy making these pixel sprites ^^

and thank you for your nice comment :D

this is PRECIOUS!

fyi, the twitter link you have above under 'social media' just leads to the twitter homepage, not your personal twitter :)

Thank you Aunty games ^^ ! 

And thanks for letting me know about the Twitter link mistake I will fix it right away :D

Will the other expansion packs be included in this pack as well?

or will they be independent?

The updates I have planned for this pack is : 

- more and better character animations (+ tools, a few more items )

- Different animals with animations ( + a few more building things and items )

_ some interface things ( and maybe more )

But I also have some expansions planed :

- a dungeon expansion with monsters, some fighting stuff, potions, different ores, and crystals 

_ a ocean expansion with different fish and a beach biome

Hope this helps ^^ I will be making dev vlogs for every update I make. and you can always ask again if you have more questions :D

ahh thanks!

so cute!

Great job with this; it's lovely.

Thanks Spooky Precious :D !!! 

This look amazing! Hope that more farming plants & stuff comes out soon cause I would love to use these sprites for my farming game I'm working on.


Don't worry I just made lot's of new farming plants all with four different stages ^^

Have currently 10 new farming plants ready I might add one or two more so let me know if there are any specific farming plats you would like :D 

I will try and get the plant update up and ready in the next couple of days.

( my plan is though to have a free small pack and a full pack with a price (around 2$), so I am not sure how many more farming plants will be in the free pack )

$2 for a pack like this with more content sounds very reasonable. I'm looking forward to see the new plants and everything else you have in store for this pack!


The plant update is up now!

Check my first dev vlog for more info and images :D 

I saw it, they look amazing! I’ve already started adding the new plants into my game to replace the programmer art I had.


Nice Thank you so much and thanks for purchasing its huge support ^^ 

I love a lot of farming games and those were also part of the inspiration for this sprite pack. so I cant wait to see what you make :D

Very cute ! I love it


Thanks Pinex !!! Glad you like it ^^

Awesome asset pack
I love the cute characters :)


That makes me very happy to hear ^^ 

Thanks LionCatDev :D !

btw I noticed that it's non commercial
I can still use this for game jam can't I?

(1 edit)

Yes you can use it for any Game Jams :D

thnx :D

Hey, I really love your asset and I am actually learning game development.

I want to do something cool with it and maybe publish it can I use it ?

Yes, please go ahead ^^ just remember to credit me for the sprites. 

I'm also currently working on more sprites, so let me know if there are any specific sprites you would need :D

kawaii!!.. thanks cup nooble!

No Problem Neilien ^^ ! 

Already working on more sprites and can't wait to upload them :D

omg this is so beautiful and so amazing looking! is this royalty-free? and can i use it in a non-commercial game? super well done for these sprites. these are amazing!!!

sry im not an english speaker

Thank you so much SwooshWoosh!!! And yes you can use it in any non-commercial project, but please credit me(Cup Nooble) for the sprites :> 

also if you do make something i would love to see it ^^

These are so cute that I instantly want to make something with it. Well done!

AWWW Thank Daid > < !! That makes me so happy to hear ^^ Also I will be adding more sprites soon :D like the animals :3

(also let me know if there is any specific sprites you would like)

very cute sprite pack, very pleasant colors :^3 !!

Thank you very much dimplechunk :^3 !!

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