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Hi Cup Noodle, 

Very cool website and asset pack. Having a small issue with asset offsets (see image). When using a 16px x 16px tilemap grid you can see the rock in the example is far too close to the edge of the land.

I can't tell if this is by design or not? It looks like your examples this is not the case. I am currently seeing if there is a way to offset the tiles in my game engine but I think this should be required.

thanks in advance!

Hi Cup Nooble,

Thank you for your great work. I used it in my first short game.

Nothing special, just trying out what i can do.

demaciado tiempo y no sale ni una actualizacion nueva

I want to communicate with you other than here through comments. Do you have an email or something else? I sent you a message on Instagram 

how to apply mod??


I have purchased your premium package. I am not a professional; this is my first attempt at game development, and I appreciate your art and assets. I received the sprite sheet for our character animations in the package. However, I am struggling with how to use and separate them. I'm unsure about which software to use, as I need a sequence of images for animations in GDevelop. I've tried cutting them in Photoshop, but it seems time-consuming and challenging, especially as the animations near the end don't match. Could you please assist me or provide individual image sequences for these animations? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Many game engines have the ability to split the sprite sheet into frames, but if the one you're using doesn't, there are online tools such as

Haha fun i use gedevlop to

 What font is the text, it's so cute

Can you make different character or hats for them?

question, so I got the pack like a year before all these cool new updates. I switched accounts and then you added new stuff?!? Super cool but anyway I can get it through this account without paying again? Have a good day and keep up the amazing work!


no worries I can help you out ^^ you don't need to pay twice.
I just need a way to send you a message privately with a coupon code where you  get the pack for free, then you should be able to get all future updates for free on your new account c: 


thank you! All I need to do is send you my email?


can my gmail work?


yes yes, I will send it to your mail now c:

sorry for the waiting, I was checking my notifications, but I didn't get any of yours for some reason ><


it’s okay thank you so much!


no problemo always happy to help out  !!!

Deleted 28 days ago

I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the asset pack, can you give me an example of where the alignment is off ?
when I make the asset I use the 16 by 16 pixel grid.  and when I look up RPG maker MZ it looks like it uses bigger titles probably around 32x32 pixels or higher. I don't know if it is something you have to manually change or if this is even a problem >< 

I would love to help you, I just need a little more info on the problem c:


I am terribly sorry, it was honestly my own stupidity and it was something extremely simple. I've deleted my comment and just wanted to say that I am sorry for the inconvenience I may have caused :)


no problem at all ^^ Jusr happy you figured it out !!!


Hi @cupnooble, I have a new update on my game, please can you leave feedback again.

thank you so much well appreciated. 

can you make player pray in temple?

hello i hace an error message when i try to domwnload the premium version your work is awesome

ya paso bastante tiempo y nada que meten la actualizacion :"c l ando esperando ya un buen de tiempo

<img src="">Hello, is there a grid drawn by TileMap of ordinary grass and soil? I can create cliffs normally and freely through the cliff drawing you posted on the website. For ordinary grass, I can also draw grass normally by drawing only squares, but I don't know why I can't paint normally because of the clay.

Hi there,

I'm currently new to game development (will be purchasing the premium licence this week too!) and wanted to ask if these assets would work with 12 x please, as I'm using Tiled :)? Thanks!

Hi Kimberly 86 ^^/
I don't know anything about Tiled, but I'll try and look into it. when you ask 12x do you mean if the sprites are on a 12 by 12-pixel grid? if that is your question I'm sad to say that these assets are built on a 16 by 16-pixel grid ><

For how many frames a second are these animations?

some of them 10 frames per second and others are half that only 5 frames per second

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how do i know wich are 10 and wich are 5?

Is it a diffrence between the free and paid version?

don't worry i didn't make the animations with a set-in-stone frame rate these are just the ones I use in my examples c:

you should use the frame rate you feel fits your game best ^^!

but most of the animations in the free version are 5 frames per second while the more advanced ones in the premium version are 10 frames per second. but there are some exceptions >< 

ok thanks for answering.

hello, im new to all this stuff so , does anyone know how to connect the water with the ground ? is there a tile here to use or do i have to edit them ?

Are you using a game engine? I use Godot which lets me make different layers for tilemaps, that way you can have a tile layer for the water under the ground tiles. Sorry if I misunderstood, and this was not the help you were looking for >< 

I didn't watch the full video but this one seems to explain it pretty well : 

if you use a different game engine there might be a similar solution ><

oh i never thought i could do it that way thanks

Could you provide a frame guide to assist with creating the facial animations?

sorry I'm not sure what animation you are referring to ><

Ah, sorry I'm posting this to the wrong product. I meant the facial animations for your Sproutland GUI pack 😁

ah oki oki  no problemo ^^ 

yes, I will try and put something helpful together for it, 

Are there any specific things you would like me to include in this frame guide c: ? 
I assume it's stuff like individual sprites hight and width in pixels, and where on the sprite sheet an expression starts and ends.

or was it something else or more you would like in this frame guide?

always trying to improve upon my asset packs and their user-friendliness, so thank you very much for asking ^^

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Any information you find to be relevant would be helpful, including sizes. But mostly I want it for knowing what frame an expression starts and when it ends. Thanks so much for doing this!

Hey, can I use the assets from this pack in my first game jam project? I'm not sure if game jams are considered commercial use, so I wanted to ask you first.

ye of course! thanks for asking ^^, good luck with the game jam, and have fun !


1: More tiles for different structures, paths, pets, smoke/steam, more interior sprites.

2:Jungle expansion, swamp, frogs ETC...

3:Desert expansion, temples, camels, ETC...

Amazing work keep going, I want to make a game and your assets just spoke to me I am still kinda awful to draw things so you are my savior and credits will be given off course.

This looks so beautiful. Keep up the great work

Are you planning on added sheep to the pack?

yeee for sure will :D ! 
I don't think I could call this farming-themed asset pack finished without some sheeps ^^ !!!

Hey! Great job on this pack! Your missing some tiles for the hills (for the corner-wall) tiles but otherwise great job! 

(if you want more info feel free to contact me)

oh sorry about that, thank you so much for letting me know! how can I contact you ?

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Ah my apologies i dont really have any contact info i can make public but i can send you the sprite tiles i have scraped together if that helps

Sprite sheet: (for hills)


potential fixes: (for hills)

ah thank you thank you  !

So far I have been using this tile layout for my newer tiles so I hope that will work for you too!
bitmap reff 1

made the new ground titles using it.

so thank you for reaching out to me of course I should finish my older tiles too, can't just leave them in incomplete and unfinished like this.

will let you know when I have updated them  !!!

Tilles are updated and uploaded to both packs now ^^ !


Hello there!

I've noticed that some of the file names, like "Mushrooms, Flowers, Stones.png", might not be ideal for universal compatibility across different platforms. 

For instance, renaming the file to "mushrooms_flowers_stones.png" – using all lowercase letters and underscores instead of spaces or special characters – could be really beneficial.

Amazing package though, nice work!

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Yeah definitely ^^ !

When I started out this asset pack I didn't know much about optimization and universal compatibility. have learned a lot since then and have been planning to go in at update the names c:

so thank you for the reminder, will update the names together with the next update, want my asset pack to be as convenient and compatible as possible for everyone

how do I set up autotile for the dirt tilesets?

What do I need to use to use auto tile?

how do i set up auto tile for the old tiles?


Waiting for the next update <3


I love this! I'm going to use it in my first ever game that I create :3




This looks really cute...I might prototype something with it. At least wanted to say "great job!." This looks great! :D 


Hi, I don't know if you remember me. I was the creator of Crops vs Chickens. I just want to update you that I joined a game jam and I expanded the idea of it and renamed it: Oh, Crops! Link:

Feel free to add me again to your collections :)

Again, thank you so much for your superb assets!


Ayyy awesome ! I love the update ^^! I will add it to the collection right away  


Hiii! I'm trying to import the character sprite sheet into Gamemaker but I'm having a lot of trouble with the frame sizing. Can someone help/tell me what the frame sizing is on the characters and the offset. Thanks!!! :)

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48px, took me some time to realize :)

Hi Cup Noodle! I just created this account, I cannot pay for the premium pack with a card, I live in Colombia and I use a daviplata card to pay, is it not possible?

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Hi Cup Nooble,
Thanks for providing a free version of this asset pack. I used it in my game submission to the Godot Wild Jam #62.

Let me know if you'd like adjustments to how you are credited on the page. I can update the credits in-game after the voting period ends.


Eyyy yooo love the alternative take on the usual farming-style game !
And the dialog is so super funny, great job, it's not often I laugh at game dialog, but this was generally really funny to me :D (had to show my friends too) !
The time limit worked really well too was in a constant rush C: in a good way was never bored. And those guard dogs, man you made them way too scary >< !
have not won yet tho but the third time will be my lucky round for sure! great game loved it and the little characters too  !

If you want I offer anyone who makes games with my asset pack to showcase them on my main itch page as a way to support and show appreciation, of course, this is optional, it's all up to you. In addition, I can also make a shout-out for your game on the Sprout Lands Twitter page :>


Aw thanks for all the comments! I'm glad it made you laugh, too. I had fun making it.

I'd definitely appreciate your support on both platforms, especially the showcase on the itch page. Thanks!


Oki Oki ^u^ Your game is now being showcased on my itch page   !
I'll send out the shoutout later today on Twitter(X) when I have a little more time on my hands c:

Hi Cup Nooble Hope You're Well If You Can Please DM me @C0derIdiot In Twitter I would like to talk to you about artwork i need for FarmTopia 

y las actualizaciones?

Hello author, is it possible to use it commercially after purchasing a premium pass? I saw a game called Sprout Valley on steam. Did you make it? After purchasing the picture pack, I can also make a game similar to Harvest Moon. Is it a game? I hope to make an interesting and casual game based on my ideas and your picture package.

I'm using translation software, hope you can understand what I mean

Yes i understand what your are writing :) ! And yes you can make your own commercial game with these game assets. Would love to see your game ideas and play your game in the future, good luck :D !

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