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WOOOW this is the best farm pack that I've seen these weeks! I love the variety, the animations, the palette and the overall quantity of the content! Really cool! This truly is a gem :D

this looks beautiful!

Your art is soooo cute! I'm trying to focus on my own pixle art, but I might use yours anyways!

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Your work inspired me to write a piece of music for it. Thank you!

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Left-bottom sprite (first frame of idle right) in "Basic Charakter Spritesheet.png" should be shifted right by 1px. In its current form, idle right loop doesn't look like the reflected idle left loop.

Just bought the pack - it looks so pretty! One request - would you consider adding a few more tiles to the wood and stone path tilesets so they have a full 16 tiles for doing 2x2 autotiling? I want to make paths that branch / intersect, but I can't get it to look quite right.

not me thinking these were bunnies 💀 

I just love this pack so so much, honestly my favorite asset pack on all of Itch

Ayyyy thanks again Avecta :DDD !!! It makes me super happy to hear you like the asset pack so much  !
And thank you so much for being the first to make a game with the asset pack, it motivated me a lot in the beginning and of course still to this day :>

The UI free license .rar contains a readme file saying no to NFTs, but not the asset pack free license.

Just wanted to confirm if both licenses for both packs are subjected to the same restriction against the use and sale of NFTs? Thanks!

Oh yeah, when I first created this pack I did not know much about the NFT space and how it works so didn't consider that people might use asset packs to make NFTs.

But now I'm vise, but I forgot to include the updated version of the license in this pack. 

And now I'm not sure if it is too late to change now since I have already seen two different NFTs that use my asset pack also without crediting me and I'm not really sure what to do in this situation. 

At least as a publisher of content, you still retain all the ownership rights. I wonder if a DMCA noticed to the support team assists with this kind of issue.

I modified the sprite sheet to make a different character called Mila! Definitely using her in my game that I am making with these assets!

Awwww looks super cute ^^ and the name fits really well :D 
Its a really nice color palette and I love the more pointy ears :> 


I used the same palette that you gave out

Thanks so much you are a very big inspo your style is so cute and clean it looks so perfect! (: In one of the next updates could you make some hats and clothing that fit on the player and also a sort of pet that has walking animations and can follow you around and thanks again! ( this is the best asset pack I've found on )

also for a future update you could add seasons

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Woooooow thank you so much Tukoni :D !!!! 
Those are all really good ideas And I will write them down for sure so I don't forget. I would love to make some different clothing and some small pets sound super cute ^^ <3 and seasons would be great for seasonal variation in games :D

You're welcome! Also, if I have new ideas if you want I could share them!

Yeah, you can share your ideas anytime, I love hearing others ideas ^^ no ideas are too crazy, I will try and implement as many ideas as I can, but I will not promise that I can make everything, but I will try my best :D

okay and sorry if when I give my ideas I sound like forcing and rushing I know that everybody has other stuff to do so take your time

very nice update! i really love this asset pack. Thanks!

One question... Will you upload the chicken animations? is very cute!


Thanks Alberto Molero ^^ !
And Yes the chicken animations will be included in the next update :D

This update looks awesome! I'be been coming back to check if you managed to get your files back and I'm so happy to see that you're continuing to work on this :) I'm looking forward to the next updates!

Yoooo thanks Darkpouetman :D !!!!
yeah I'm also super happy to be with updates I really enjoy working on this project  !

Thanks for the new update !


Hi, I just bought the premium pack. But somehow all character animations and other things are on one picture. Do I have to cut everything myself? And also the graphics and quality are rlly low (and go lower if I have to cut it myself). Is this normal?

Too good to be free.

Heloo @Cup Nooble 

I wanted to ask if I could use your Asset and UI Pack for a Scratch project (im gonna share it on the scratch website). Your pack is really cute and I would luv to use this for my game :D

Yeah of course you can :D !!!
If possible it would be nice if you credit me for the assets, but don't worry about it if that is not possible ^^

I hope you have lots of fun making the game :D 
and please show it to me when it is done I would love to see it :DDD !!!

im gonna credit you for sure :D and yessss im gonna share my project link when done hereeeee :DDDDDD

btw youre so nice :)

Yaaaaay :DDDD !!! im really looking forward to playing it ^^ !

And btw you're so nice tooo  !

Really cute and useful assets. By the way, is the main character a cat? I thought it was a bunny or something. LOL


Thanks a lot LinkedListOverflow :D !

Well, that is a mystery and Teemo can be whatever you want them to be ^^

Did the directory structure change?  I am looking at a tutorial from Aug. of 2022 and it is different than the free and paid versions.

These assets are so cute and easy to use I love the good quality and also what program did you use to make the pixelart? 

Thank you so much Tukoni_Tribe :D !!

For pixel art I use Aseprite there are other pixel art software, but so far Aseprite is the best one I have used and I can definitely recommend it :>

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Hi! Great asset pack, but I'm struggling to make a little pond on the island. A straight (horizontal and vertical) connecting piece between these tiles would be super helpful :)


You can make ponds by using the edge tiles on the opposite side

I really need to learn how to "read" asset packs :D Thanks!

I used the unity tilemaps for what you see in the image ( it works very well )

sorry is this is not what you meant

I purchased this a long time ago because it was cute. Then today, I went through 6 different pixel tilesets for a game I am making until I came to yours. Yours is BY FAR the easiest one to implement and has what is needed for everything I needed in just the right format. Plopped in the png and set up the autotile simply and it just worked!! 

Thank you soooooooo much for this amazing asset! I am definitely a fan for life now!

Wooooow that makes me really super duper happy to hear :DDDD !!!
thank you so much Tixxi ^^ !!! 

sorry for such a late reply a lot has been happening in my life, but I have managed to get back into the flow of Sprout Lands pixel art and I'm excited to release more updates here ^^

I'm following along with a Stardew-inspired Python game development project tutorial and wanted to support the creator of these great graphics! Thank you! I'm excited to see the future updates.

Yooo thank you so much Meteopato :D !!!

I appreciate it very much, I hope you have fun using the asset pack and following the tutorial ^^

Hey @Cup_Nooble - I bought this a couple days ago. I was wondering if you could share the palette that you are using for the environments. In my game people can create their own assets with a simple pixel editor, and i wanna make sure what they create fits right into the world :)

Hi Atomtwist ^^/
Yes of course :D I will include the color palette in the asset pack together with the other new things in the next update, but for now, I will also share it right here :> 

Here is the color palette --> 

The color palette looks like this inside Aseprite :

Thank you so much. That is really helpful :)

Thank you so much. That is really helpful :) Very much appreciated!

if i buy this package right now, do i get access to upcoming updates?

Hi JohnGabson, yes you will get access to all future updates if you purchase it now ^^ you will just have to redownload it when new updates come out.

Hello, Amazing pack first of all, and secondly, did any1 map this in godot and would want to share bitmap for tileset ? :)

HI Kazeyoshi ^^/ I am working on new tiles at the moment that will be part of the next update and I have made maps for them :> and now I am going to note down also to redo the layout of the old tiles and make maps for them too :D  

Hi! When do you plan your next update?

HI kolobchara ^^
I had planned to update it a while ago but the computer I was making my pixel art on. I am currently working on getting it fixed, but i have no way of knowing how long it might take ; ; 

[ Sorry for the long wait ]

Hello-o! I need some help, so in the tileset, what resolution is a tile? thank you!


Hello-o :D !
No problemo the tiles on the tilesets are 16 x 16 pixels :>

Hello, can we use your sprites on games that we are going to publish, but that are free?

yep yep, for sure that would be super Cool :D !!! 


Hey Cupnoodle, 
I really like the asset pack but it seems like there are some tiles missing when I want to finish this house.
Do you know how to fix it?

Hi Kanmar :D 

Yes, I am actually working on tilemap improvements right now and I hope to get the update up soon ^^

sadly my computer stopped working yesterday, but hopefully, I will find the problem and get it fixed very soon ;_;

what tilemap program did you use

I used the tile map program that comes with gamemaker

ok thanks


Beware that you may lose access to the files at any point on the whim of the creator. I bought this pack when it came out but then lost access as prices were increased. I reached out to the creator but they do not seem to respond to emails any more.

The pack looks nice but I would be wary of buying from this creator because there is no guarantee you will keep access to the products you paid for.

HI woubuc ^^/ 

Sorry for the troubles.

I will not ever do this mistake again, when I did this I did not really know how itch worked. but now I have found a solution to this problem by sending you a special coupon that gives you 100% off this asset pack this way you will get all the future updates :D 

And also sorry that I have not been very active online lately, a lot of things have happened in my life lately and taken up my time plus I'm having some problems with the computer that I used to make the assets. 

Great, where can I find this coupon?

I will make it and send it to you by mail now :D !

umm... sorry Woubuc what is your mail again ??? 

You should have it from previous messages, but if not I’ve sent you another email just now.

I just bought it!! hope you will have many new updates for this resource set

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I was hoping to have a chicken in this asset but it doesn't :( If possible, I hope there will be more animals

Hi Dat Dat :>

I have some more animals planned for the pack like a chicken, piggy, and maybe a doggo and kitty. But sorry they are not ready at this point in time.

yeah, i really like your art style. It so great!!

This asset pack is super cute! I'm using it for a farming game prototype made in Unity. I have a suggestion that would make it a bit quicker to import these assets into the Unity engine, specifically for the character sheets.

So when importing into Unity, it's way easier to have separate sprite sheets for each animation. I manually cut things up from the Aseprite file and end up with this:

However I realize when animating a character it's probably easier for you to have everything contained in one file. This guy has some great suggestions to make that workflow easier. Essentially, you still make all your animations in one file -- but you tag each animation and use a custom script to export them all.

I don't want to mess up your workflow, but maybe this will help you :) Thanks for the great assets!


Woooooow thank you so BrichTree :D !!!

This will definitely help a lot, my current character animation workflow might not be the most optimal. 

And I am always looking for ways to make my asset packs as convenient and easy to use as possible, so I will note down separate the sprite sheet.

Thank you so much for your kind comment ^^

I had the free pack for a bit, was okay. Got the premium pack and WOW! worth the few bucks 😄 The free option is nice to see if the game fits the style, but the premium pack is both higher quality and easier to use. 

What’s the license? Was thinking of making some modifications to sprites, mostly just color replacement or decorations for different villagers. Prototyping a Rimworld type game, some variety would be nice. And does the upcoming update include more interiors? Maybe other wall connections, so houses can be non-rectangular.


Hi GammaGames ^^/  im happy to hear you enjoy the asset pack !

And Yep feel free to adjust and edit all the sprites to your own liking.  And for the wall tiles, I made those a pretty long time ago so those will definitely get an improvement in the upcoming update :D and i will also think about the decorations ^^

Can I use this for commercial game?

Hi MR.DinoOo ^^/

Anyone who purchases the premium pack can use the assets for a commercial game.

I bought your package and I wanted to make some changes to the mechanics of my game..that's why I wanted to ask for his color palette..I really liked the plants

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Yes of course here is the color palette I use --> 

In Aseprite it looks something like this ^^

Hope this helps, I will remember to include color palettes in future updates :>

Hello CuPNooble! I've been using your free pack for awhile and love it so much I decided to buy the premium pack and the premium UI. However, I accidentally purchased the premium UI twice lol. Could I get the regular premium emailed to me?

Please let me know and I love your work <3 !!

Heyo ShioriKitty ^^ !
that is completely okay we all do those kinds of small mistakes from time to time ^^ 

I will set up a special discount for you so you can get the pack for free, this way you will also have access to future updates :D 

You're the best!

Could I put in a request for NPCs <3 Let me know if it's something you're looking to make :)!!

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Yeah for sure, I would love to do more characters at some point ^^ 
Let me know if there are any specific kinds of characters that you have in mind :>

I made this frog character the other day maybe they can be one of the future NPCs :D

OMG I love him so much !!! So hecking adorable. I hope to see more of him. Maybe a Shiba would be cute too!

Just bought the Premium Pack, will make a little game with it. Keep up the Good work.

Eyyyyy Nice ^^ !!! hope you have lots of fun making your little game :D !

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